HeWoP for Free Space

HeWoP for Free Space This software propagates any laser beam or beam array from the source to target This software solves the Helmholtz, scalar wave equation so that a laser beam of your choice can be propagated to a target in almost real time. Use one of five different beam propagation methods: FFT-BPM, FD-BPM, HE-BPM, Fraunhofer or Fresnel approximations. Use the source aperture structure tool to create the beam shape with a single beam or multiple beamlets. Propagate through turbulence using coherent or incoherent beamlets.

Steam Calculator 3.0: Steam table calculator built as an MS Excel add-in
Steam Calculator 3.0

Helmholtz Free Energy, Gibbs Free Energy, Compressibility Factor, Isothermal Compressibility, Joule-Thompson Coefficient, Isothermal Joule-Thompson, Thermal Expansion Coefficient, Prandtl Number, Static Dielectric Constant. English and SI input and output units are supported.The functions are exposed as user defined functions and can be used as Excel formulas. Evaluation version has a restricted set of functions and there is no time limit, nor are

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